Welcome to the Progress® Training Server

This Web site supports students taking a number of Progress® training courses:

·         Consuming Web Services from OpenEdge

·         Web Service Support in OpenEdge 10.1

·         Application Messaging

·         SOAP for OpenEdge Developers

·         WSDL for OpenEdge Developers

These courses utilize a number of Web services and a JMS queue hosted on this server. The use of this server for these courses is described in the Labs and Try Its for the above courses.

Using the JMS Queues

The JMS provider is SonicMQ running on wstraining.progress.com:2507.

About the OpenEdge Web Services

The OpenEdge Web services are for a fictitious company called NewCo. You can learn more about NewCo by reading the description of the NewCo Web services in the NewCo Web Services description which is part of the Consuming Web Services from OpenEdge course.

You can access a variety of Web services using the Progress® ABL. For each service port, you will have access to the WSDL for the service and the Web service operations.

Web service ports for use by students are:

1.   RPC/Encoded Web service (NewCoService)

WSDL: http://wstraining.progress.com/wsa/wsa1/wsdl?targetURI=urn:OpenEdgeServices:NewCoService

2.   RPC/Literal Web service (NewCoService-RPCLiteral)

WSDL: http://wstraining.progress.com/wsa/wsa1/wsdl?targetURI=urn:OpenEdgeServices:NewCoService-RPCLiteral

3.   “Wrapped” Document/Literal Web service (NewCoService-WrappedDocLiteral)

WSDL: http://wstraining.progress.com/wsa/wsa1/wsdl?targetURI=urn:OpenEdgeServices:NewCoService-WrappedDocLiteral

4.   Java Web service (NewCoService2)

WSDL: http://wstraining.progress.com/axis/services/urn:OpenEdgeServices:NewCoService2?wsdl

    Want to try it in OpenEdge?

If you have OpenEdge 10.2B or later installed, you can access the ValidateCustomer Web service operation by opening InvokeValidateCustomer.w in AppBuilder and running it.  You should enter a customer number from the Sports2000 database. It should return the name of the customer in the database.


updated 06/30/2017